Richard D. Neidinger


The University of Texas at Austin, 1980-84
Ph.D. in Mathematics, August 1984
Major Field: Functional Analysis
Dissertation: Properties of Tauberian Operators on Banach Spaces
Supervising Professor: Haskell P. Rosenthal
The University of Texas at Austin, 1978-80
M.A. in Mathematics, August 1980
Purdue University, 1977-78
Trinity University, San Antonio, 1973-77
B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, summa cum laude, May 1977
Lutheran High School North, St. Louis




Davidson College
Professor of Mathematics, 1997-2020
Chair of the Department of Mathematics, 2003-2008
Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1990-1997
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1984-1990

Courses taught:

Exploring Mathematical Ideas,
Calculus I (standard and Modeling), II (standard and Multivariable), and III,
Programming and Problem Solving (using Python, Mathematica, or Pascal),
Introduction to Pascal Programming,
Linear Algebra (and Mathematica) with Applications,
Differential Equations (and Infinite Series),
Vector Calculus and PDE's,
Introduction to Abstract Mathematics,
Introduction to Proof, Analysis and Topology
Numerical Analysis,
Real Analysis I and II,
Complex Analysis,
Fractals & Chaos (Dynamical Systems),
Independent Studies on:
Neural Nets,
Automatic Differentiation,
Newton's Method Dynamics,
Real Analysis II
Singular Functions

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